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Increase Sales Tip – Leads Get Cold at Lightning Speed

Posted on October 23, 2018 in Uncategorized

Increase sales begins with leads. Leads get cold at lightning speed. What are you doing to catch those leads?

Take a moment to think about your last networking event? How many business cards did you collect? And how long did it take you to reconnect with those individuals? If it took you longer than 24 hours, you probably lost the lead.

Have you attended a tradeshow or exhibited at one? How long was it before you connected with everyone, 24 hours, 48 hours or maybe even 5 to 10 days? I have a business colleague who brings notes to the tradeshow and sends them out that same evening before he leaves the show. When the potential prospect returns to his or her office, there is a “glad to have met you” note sitting on the desk.

When you have the opportunity to speak with a prospect and there is even the slightest sense of urgency, then you must jump on that lead faster than you can say speeding bullet. Let’s be hones, leads do get cold at lightning speed and only your commitment to contacting that lead will keep it alive.

Think about all those business cards collecting dust on your desk, n your Rolodex or your personal data assistant (PDA). How many did you respond to within 24 to 48 hours? What were the results of those responses? In other words, how many sales did you receive?

Now flip the coin and think about those that you took longer than 48 hours to reach. What were the results of those communications. Again, how many sales did you receive?

What I have noticed for my business sales is that quicker responses resulted in increased sales. This relationship makes perfect sense given how many change each individual experiences on a daily basis.

To reverse this faster than speed of light business sales trend means that you must develop a system to handle all sales leads immediately. This system should also set you apart from your competition. By taking such action, you will convert those sales leads and realize your goal of increase sales.