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How to Create Your Own Quality E-Book In Lightning Fast Time

Posted on November 14, 2018 in Uncategorized

In this article you will learn how to create your own quality e-book in lightning fast time. That title might sound like hype but it is true. I was able to create two quality e-books in less than a few days without even having to type. How did I do this?

The first step is to focus on exactly what you want to offer inside of your e-book. If you need some inspiration go to your target niche and start looking around on the threads of forums. You will see all types of repeat questions and issues that your target audience needs to solve.

This will allow you to get market research to be able to come up with the content that your target audience is in demand for. The next step is to create a sizzling title for your e-book that will give the main benefit of what they will get from reading your e-book.

An example might be “The seven steps to creating an automated Internet business for newbies.” That statement would only appeal for somebody that is un-experienced with Internet marketing and wants a step by step plan. That statement would be very appealing for your target audience because it speaks directly to them.

The way that I was able to create my e-book in lightning fast time was by using a software called Dragon speech recognition software. Don’t worry I’m not trying to promote any sort of affiliate link to the Dragon software. I am simply letting you know that this cut off hours of time because it types up to 120 words per minute. I have tendonitis in both of my arms and rely on the software to be able to produce content online.

I was able to produce my content in lightning fast time by staying extremely focused. Many people have a huge problem with procrastination and take time for granted. I stopped watching television. I no longer went around the internet aimlessly without a core intent.

I decided that I was going to produce two high quality e-books and nothing else. Once you decide that you’re willing to cut out all of your distractions you will notice how easy it is to produce content in lightning fast time. Having the ability to produce content in fast amounts of time will allow you to produce a large amount of content to get more and more traffic to your website. So now you have my secret on how I was able to create my two quality e-books in lightning fast time.