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Automatic Internet Cash – 3 Lightning Fast Methods To Generating Instant Profits Online!

Posted on October 27, 2018 in Uncategorized

One of the great things about the Internet is the ability to use it to make cash 24/7, without requiring your presence. In fact, having the ability to generate cash on the Internet is like having the license to create money on demand!

This article will cover 3 lightning fast ways to generate income on the Internet. So drum roll, here they are:

Lightning Fast Tactic #1: Resell Rights

It truly amazes me what is possible with resell rights. Acquiring resell rights to a digital product like an ebook or a video package means you acquire the right to sell it at 100% profit, and keep all the profit for yourself! This is a great way to own an instant Internet business because you don’t have to create the product or the salesletter to sell it. You can simply plug in the files to your web host server, and start selling!

Lightning Fast Tactic #2: The ‘Google Cash’ Method

The ‘Google Cash’ method is dubbed as such because it refers to an ebook created by Chris Carpenter, where he outlined how to profit from affiliate programs using Google Adwords. It’s a quick way to get started in minutes, because setting up an AdWords account only takes $5 and you get instant approval. You can get your first campaign promoting an affiliate product on AdWords in as little as an hour.

Lightning Fast Tactic #3: Affiliate Marketing With Ezine Ads

This lightning fast tactic can create income in just a few hours. Go to an ezine directory (a simple search on Google will churn up a few results) and find an ezine to advertise your affiliate product. Once you book an ad, the ezine owner will fire an email to his list promoting your affiliate link, and you get to reap the profits.